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Make sure you carry the right gear with you. We have the following equipment on offer. You may purchase any of the listed items below on the day of training or to make an order please contact us.


Australian made 60mm wide x 9 metres length
25% stretch
8,000 kgs minimum break
Reinforced loops
See our 4x4 hints page for how to use the strap. A 20 metre strap is also Available for sand usage.
Price - $65.00 including GST


Bow Shackles with a rating of 3.25 ton are ideal for most 4x4 applications and maybe more convenient to use than the old style D shackles.
You will ideally have 2 rated shackles with your snatch strap (for closed towing hooks i.e. 80/100 Series Land Cruiser.
Don’t use unrated shackles; rated shackles are batch tested to breaking point for your safety.
Rated shackles are stamped and the pin is usually painted.
Price $12.50 each including GST


We have been selling and renting this winch for over 10 years now and have found it to be of dependable quality and very good value for money. Ideal for four wheel drivers the winch has a lifting capacity of 1.6 tones and a pulling capacity of 2.4 tones. The winch has an alloy body weighing only 17 kgs; the cable and reeler weight 13 kgs. The cable is 20 metres in length. A two piece handle operates the levers for both forward and reverse operation. A very flexible piece of mechanical equipment with the ability to pull the vehicle forwards, backwards and even sidewards if necessary. The winch is sheer pinned.
Price $495.00 including GST
  Refer related equipment:
- Tree protector
- Winch Extension
- Strap Winch Block


Winch extension straps are made in lengths of between 5 metres to 30 metres and give you much more flexibility in a winching exercise where the obstacle (i.e. the tree) the winch is to be anchored to is farther away than the 20 metre winch cable can reach. These straps are easier to shorten than lengthen so go for a 30 metre strap giving the length of an Olympic swimming pool for you to find a tree of good stature to winch from. A 30 metre strap with a 4,500 kgs minimum breaking strain and reinforced loops is ideal.
Price $90.00 including GST


A very useful piece of equipment to be used in conjunction with a hand or power winch. A clock in the equation can change the direction of the ‘winching pull” or halve the effort that is being put into the winching exercise (doubling the recovery time).
Price $50.00 including GST


Well gone are the days of putting chains or winch cables around trees; the tree protector is a 3 metre long non elasticised piece of webbing to secure the winch to the tree or rock (the anchor)
Price $50.00 including GST


The Volcano Air Compressor is ideal for inflating/adjusting your tyre pressures during periodical checking (once a week) or inflating after your 4x4 adventure in wet slippery conditions or on the sand. This compressor connects direct to the battery and with the air line connected will inflate your 4x4 tyres from say 18psi (sand pressure) to 30psi (unloaded road pressure) in under 2 minutes. Equipped with a thermal cut out to stop overheating and tyre gauge, the compressor is compact to store in you vehicle and of robust construction.
Price $200.00 including GST


  A good tyre gauge is mandatory for your 4x4 whether you go off road or not. Tyre pressures should be checked weekly (ideally when cold) on road and daily off road (inspection also). The gauge can read to 60psi and comes with a reset button and carry case.
Price $25.00 including GST