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4WD Off Road Driver Training
PO Box 4427, Mulgrave 3170
Ph/Fax (03) 9543 3785
Mobile 0428 312 579

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The courses start with a short fundamentals session. Utilising large, coloured illustrative boards and sectioned mechanical components, this session gives you an increased understanding of how your particular 4WD operates. Whether your 4WD system is part-time, full-time or one of the new range of all wheel drives, your drive-line will be covered in detail during this initial session.

Then it's into the vehicles for the first practical session; ascending, descending and both rock and water crossings. Getting familiar with your vehicles capabilities, in actual off-road situations. Specialist advice is always available – right down to your own specific vehicle and its related characteristics.

After a brief lunch break we head to the gradients – long, steep 60% slopes – to master the emergency stall technique and finalise driver preparation before heading to the off road trails.

The off road trails are very challenging and stopping as required, the varying terrain and appropriate driving techniques are discussed on route. The majority of the tracks have been weather proofed so the same course can be conducted in all weather conditions; they are also very wide, minimising any potential vehicle damage.

On our return, almost every conceivable piece of recovery gear and its correct usage are demonstrated, how to safely use the back-up tackle all four wheel drivers should be familiar with.

Click here to download a typical intinerary for our 4WD training.


Available to all course attendees, Adrian du Jardin hosts weekend 4WD tours on a regular basis. With experienced support personnel, lead vehicle and all necessary recovery equipment (with a maximum of ten vehicles), these weekends offer an excellent opportunity to further develop your four wheel driving skills.

The two most popular tours are held in Victoria's Alpine country near Dinner Plain and South Asutralia's South East coastal parks: the choice of superb mountain driving challenges or the unique thrill of conquering sand and dunes is yours!

After meeting over dinner on Friday night, Saturday morning starts with a relatively easy initiation to the days driving ahead. Over lunch, strategies and techniques for the challenges of the weekend; either King Spur and the Blue Rag near Mt Hotham or the Ten Mile Hill near Robe, are passionately discussed!

Following Saturday evening's stay at the luxury accommodation both venues afford, an 8.30am start on Sunday ensures a full mornings drive before lunch and departing thereafter at your leisure.